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What is a Challenge Statement?

The Challenge Statement is a single sentence that defines the outcome or outcomes a community aims to achieve by implementing its smart cities proposal.

The Challenge Statement must be measurable, ambitious, and achievable through the proposed use of data and connected technology.


Penticton's Challenge Statement: 

Let’s build a physically & mentally healthier, strongly-connected Penticton where each person has access and opportunity to maximize their health potential.  

The community has spoken and from the survey feedback, forum participation, in depth, passionate conversations, we have created a Challenge Statement that we are committed to seeing through.  

We would like to thank you for your participation in helping us arrive at our theme of creating a Healthier Penticton. 

Like your mind, heart, lungs, soul, muscles and all parts of your body work and communicate together to make you healthy, all of Penticton must be working and communicating for Penticton to be healthy.  That means our kids, seniors, young families, community groups, non-profits, support groups, government, arts, sports, surrounding communities, schools, colleges, businesses, volunteers, tourists all need to be working together and understanding each other.  

The key outcomes from our Challenge Statement are to enhance community and individual wellbeing in Penticton, change the conversation so that the focus is on health as an asset (rather than ill health as a burden) and to drive local action to address variations in opportunities for a healthy life. This means that on a community and individual level we will seek outcomes that drive increased feelings of safety and security, community pride, connection and participation, individual mental and physical health and ease of mobility around the city.